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Days untill the Stress Congress 2020February 25, 2020
Stress Congress 2020 "Beat the competition is today!"
Stress Congress 2020

Stress Congress 2020

As business students, we’re working in a very competetive environment. You need the best grades to be able to go abroad to a university you like or to have a shot to work at the company you like. Companies know this environment very well. They’re constantly growing, innovating and improving in order to be better than their competitors. They’re constantly working to “Beat the Competition”. That’s what we dive into in this years Stress Congress. How do you keep being better then everybody else? What does it take to “Beat the Competition”?

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At the Stress Congress of 2020 we introduce a lot of companies with their own interesting view on the world. They differ from Lidl to Deloitte and a whole lot more!

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Next to incredible companies to tell their stories, we also have some inspiring guest speakers for you. Click down below for more information about these awesome people.

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The organizing committee this year consists of 4 IEM students and 3 IBA students. The IEM students are: Jeroen Assink, Jitske Schutter, Nynke Toering and Yoren Wijlens. The IBA students are: Rebecca Jacob, Julian Timmers and Jasper de Vries. Click the button below to find out more about them!

Stress Congress Committee 2020