Company Cases

Company Cases

At the 2 hour cases, the company will present you with a problem or situation that they encounter in their business and in a group of students you will come up with a solution. The company will guide you in the process, so do not worry about not having enough knowledge to solve it yet! The cases will be given by the following companies:

Port of Twente

Case Overcoming obstacles at Port of Twente

Port of Twente is 1 of the 28 so-called Logistics Hotspots in the Netherlands. A logistics hotspot can be seen as a geographical concentration of logistics activities and public-private collaboration with local governments for economical development and regional promotion. Logistics hotspots are studied by, which publishes a yearly ranking. In the past 10 years, Port of Twente developed a regional logistics ecosystem and steadily grew to the 6th position in 2020, however, we dropped to the 11th position in 2021. In line with the theme of this year’s congress, we challenge you to come up with a strategic advice and roadmap/implementation plan on how to get back to the top. During the business case session we’ll introduce you to the Port of Twente network organization and provide you information based on your questions to come up with smart and creative solutions.


The ORTEC WS Optimization Game

Getting the right people in the right place at the right time for every task with the resources they need to do their jobs properly is a very complex undertaking. Help your customer see the value we bring through our software solutions with this new Optimization Game, a service provided by the Global Operations team.

This Game takes place in the ORTEC Solutions Portal and is guided by our trainees. The player must assign all shifts to the available employees in 20 minutes, without violating the labor rules. Our customers will see how difficult it is to manually plan an entire roster, considering a wide range of data for personnel scheduling and task determination.

ORTEC has been a leading player in Advanced Scheduling for decades and our Workforce Scheduling solution will demonstrate it when comparing the manual planning results with the automatic planning benchmarks.


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