Company Cases

Company Cases

At the cases, the company will present you with a problem or situation that they encounter in their business and in a group of students you will come up with a solution. The company will guide you in the process, so do not worry about not having enough knowledge to solve it yet! The cases will be given by the following companies:


In Football anything can happen! Being able to predict the outcome of the European Championship is incredibly difficult, let alone being able to predict any demand on products related to it. 

And yet, this what this business case is about. Uncertainty is the lead player!



The Ocean Cleanup designs and develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans and rivers of plastic. Deloitte supports The Ocean Cleanup with our full breadth and depth of services

Deloitte has been supporting The Ocean Cleanup since 2017. Every year, dozens of Deloitte colleagues across all functions put in their boundless energy and best expertise to help the non-profit organization in any way that they can. A special Core team ensures that all projects are managed in the right direction. “It is great to see an important organization as The Ocean Cleanup evolve from a start-up into a scale-up, and be able to support them in this.”

In this case, you will join Deloitte’s special team to help advise the Ocean Cleanup project on its next advancement. Are you ready to take on this challenge and make an impact that matters?

Aevas Benefit

Are you curious about the work of a consultant in the world of procurement? During the case we give you a little insight in what we do as procurement consultants at AevesBenefit. What challenges do you face? What is important and what is not? What is the best way to help your customer? 

This interactive case is build on some of the basic theory and gives you practical tools to give a tailored advice to our client.

Supply Value

At Supply Value our motto is: “We make Strategy work”. One of the ways we do this is by helping our customers define their strategy using OGSM. OGSM is a comprehensive method to connect strategy to action. In this case we will try to give you some hands-on experience with this methodology and show you how we apply it at our customers.


Industry- specific ERP implementation

Representatives from Infor, both from the development and consulting services teams, will present the case study about capabilities of industry-specific ERP Solutions, with a strong focus on enabling customers to make smart choices in Purchasing, Sales, Warehousing, Shipping, and Finance, all with the goal of driving their business to greater success. During the workshop, you will have chance to work in groups on practical aspects of ERP product and explore the daily challenges and choices manufacturers encounter, including assumptions, decisions, and algorithms.