Elise Huisman


Hello everyone!

A new year has kicked off and it means that we start looking forward to Stress Congress 2022! I have the honor of being the chairman of the Congress Committee. I am 19 years old and a second year IEM student.

As chairman of the committee, I keep an overview of all the activities and things that need to be done. Besides that, I am the one that has the honor to open the congress and give an opening speech. My biggest contribution for the committee is introducing new English Dutch words; a lunch is nothing without some breadjes and the saying ‘often you are too afraid’ is, in my opinion, ready to be introduced as official English saying. With a lot of enthusiasm, we are organizing a Stress Congress for you.

Hope to see you there!


Marijke Agaart

Treasurer & External Affairs

Hi everyone!

My name is Marijke Agaart. I’m 20 years old and I’m in my second year of my bachelor IEM. In my free time I’m also active at Euros, where I row, do some committees, and have drinks with my dispuut. Last year I was active in the Freshmen Committee of Stress but this year I was looking for a bigger challenge. That’s why I chose to do the Stress Congress Committee!

As treasurer of the committee I handle the financial part of the Congress. Next to this, I am also responsible for the external affairs, together with Aletta and Prerna. This means that we contact nice companies to see if they want to join our Congress.

Hope to see you all on the 8th of March!


Aletta Lohschelder

External Affairs & Public Relations

Hey everyone!

I am Aletta Lohschelder and I am 19 years old. At the moment I am in my second year of IEM. After participating in the congress last year, I also wanted to organise such a great event and therefore I joined the Stress Congress committee! 

Together with Marijke and Prerna I am responsible for External Affairs, where we get in touch with all of the companies. Next to that, Lydia and I are handling Public Relations, where we promote the congress to all of the students of Stress. 

See you all at the Stress Congress 2022!


Lydia Mak

Public Relations

Hi everyone!

My name is Lydia Mak and I am 19 years old. Currently, I am in my second year of IEM. Last year I was active in the SportCie, which I enjoyed a lot. However, for this year I was looking for a bigger challenge, so I decided to join the Stress Congress committee. 

Together with Aletta I am responsible for the public relations. This means that we promote the Stress Congress to have as many students as possible join on the 8th of March. Next to that, we keep our social media and website up to date.

I hope to see you all at the Stress Congress! 


Robert Gordon



My name is Robert and I am a second year International Business Administration student from Moscow. I consider myself an active student and that’s why I joined the Stress Freshmen Committee last year. Later on I learned about the Stress Congress and the idea of becoming a member became very interesting to me. 

Now I am taking the position of Logistics for the Stress Congress 2022. This role stands for making sure everything goes according to the plan and everyone is going to have a lot of fun attending the Stress Congress! I am very excited about this opportunity and I hope to gain a lot of valuable experiences, which will help me in the future.

See you at the 8th of March!


Prerna Girish

 Logistics & External Affairs 

Hey there!

My name is Prerna Girish and I am 19 years old. Currently, I am in my second year of IBA. Last year I was the chair of the PartyCie, which was really fun since I enjoy organizing events. This year I decided I wanted to learn something new and strengthen my existing skills. Therefore I decided to join the Stress Congress committee as one of the externals and logistics members. 

Together with Robert I am responsible for the Logistics. With Aletta and Marijke I am responsible for the external affairs of the event, which means that I coordinate the details of the day while trying to get as many companies and alumni as possible to join so we can have a great event this year!

Hope to see you all at this year’s Stress Congress!