Alumni Lectures

Alumni Lectures

In the afternoon there will be lectures from alumni. They will tell you more about their professional career. You can learn a lot from their experiences during these talks! the alumni that will be giving these lectures are:

Aram de Ruiter

He was a student at the University of Twente from the years 1992-1997, and studied Industrial Engineering and Management. Since his studies he has had a career with in Supply Chain within the company DOW, where he has grown from improvement engineer to Senior supply chain director. During that period he was also given the opportunities to work in different continents.

Nordin Wolters

As young HR professional Nordin‚Äôs ultimate goal is to take HR to the next level. To achieve this, he is convinced HR should always talk “the language of the organisation” in order to align HR practices with the strategic objectives. In his opinion, change management and data analytics are critical activities to create a flexible workforce and add value to a sustained competitive¬†advantage.